Why You Should Save Your Spare Change!

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Saving money can sometimes be challenging for some people. One way I found easy to save money is by saving your spare change. What do I mean by spare change? When you go out shopping and use cash collect the change.  Try not to spend it by using exact change. Both my husband and I do this to save money. When I go to the store and I pay with cash, I never pay with exact change. If my transaction is $7.02, I will pay $8.00 and get $0.98 back. I collect my change for about a week or so, then empty out my wallet. I put the change into a digital coin bank jar to keep track of how much we are saving.

Before I would throw my change in a piggy bank and then take it to the coin counting machine at the bank. I stopped using those machines when I noticed it was shorting me money. Now about every 3 months I will take my change and roll them. Yes rolling change does take time. But when I decide to take my rolled up change to the bank, I will know I am getting the right amount of money back.
If you are consistent with saving your change, before you know it you can have $200, $300, or even more money saved.