Weight Loss Week 1: 4/24/17 to 5/1/17

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I wanted to start a weekly blog about my weight loss journey. I am going to share how I did the previous week with my macro counting, what I eat in a day, my workouts, and if I lost any weight for the week.

I became serious about my weight loss journey on April 24, 2017. I was tired of feeling gross about my body and ashamed of how I looked in my clothes. I know I shouldn’t feel like this since I had my second baby 6 months ago. After having my first child it took me about 8 months to feel comfortable in my body again. With my second child it is taking me a little bit longer to start working out consistently and do my macro counting. I found that macro counting works for me to lose weight. On April 24th I weighed in at 191.4 lbs. and my goal weight is to be between 145 and 150 lbs.

My weight loss goal for the next 4 weeks is to lose 8 lbs. Here is how I broke it down for the 4 weeks:
– Week 1 (4/24-5/1): lose 2 lbs.-> 189.4lbs.
– Week 2 (5/1-5/8): lose 1 lb.-> 188.4 lbs.
– Week 3 (5/8-5/15): lose 3 lbs.-> 185.4 lbs.
– Week 4 (5/15-5/22): lose 2 lbs.-> 183.4 lbs.

For my first week of my journey I lost 2.6 lbs. I weighed in at 188.8 lbs. on May 1st. I lost .6 lbs. more than what I planned for that week.

For my macros I am trying to stay around 1,717 calories, 172 grams of carbs, 129 grams of protein, and 57 grams of fats. I use MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone to keep track of my macros. What I like about macro counting is that I can eat what I want to eat, but I have to stay within my macros. So if I want to eat chips or ice cream I can. I am going to share what I ate on day 3 of my journey.

For my workouts I am doing a Beachbody workout called Insanity MAX: 30. This program is 60 days long and I want to lose about 15 to 2o lbs. with this program. Here is what week 1 of this program looks like:

Week 1:
Day 1- Cardio
Day 2- Tabata Power
Day 3- Sweat Intervals
Day 4- Tabata Power
Day 5- Friday Fight Round 1

Every workout I burn between 250 to 300 calories. I keep track of the calories I burn with my Apple Watch Series 2 38mm. Also at least 3 times a week I try to walk about 1.3 miles in the morning. This walk gets my body and mind ready for the day.

Hopefully by blogging about my weight loss journey it will help me keep on track. I want to be healthy and happy with my body. I want to find clothes that fit good again and that I can enjoy wearing. I have always been an active mom and I want to continue to be one, but with less weight on my body.