Stay At Home Mom & Wife

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I have been a stay at home mom and wife for the past two and a half years. When my husband said I could put my two weeks notice in I was so happy. On my computer I had my notice typed up just waiting to printed. I remember the look on my bosses face, since she didn’t know I wanted to quit. I was so ready to leave that place because I was no longer looking forward to going into work. My work environment was becoming negative and I didn’t want to be around that.

When I was working, my brother’s girlfriend lived with me and she took care of my daughter. We didn’t want to put our daughter in a day care. This worked out for a couple of months until she found a job and she wasn’t going to be able to watch her anymore. I had to quit my job for this reason as well. My husband and I did not want to put our daughter into a day care for two reasons: 1) day cares are very expensive and 2) we saw some scary things about them on the news and Facebook. That scared us to think that something bad could happen to her and she didn’t know how to tell us since she was little.

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Even though we knew we were going to be losing an income for our household, at least we weren’t going to be paying an expensive day care bill every month, save on gas (I worked about 45 minutes away from home), the wear and tear on my vehicle, and we knew our daughter was safe at home with someone who loves and cares for her… her Mom. Fast forward two and a half years later… I am now a stay at home mom with two beautiful daughters.