Since getting my 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike for my birthday I have been riding it a lot. I try to go at least five times a week with my sisters. Along with riding my 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike I am also doing Insanity MAX:30. Losing this baby weight has been hard work. I haven’t seen my weight drop much since I have started riding and doing my workout program. I will continue to work hard and not give up.


Screen shot from Snapchat

Screen shot from Snapchat

Week 2

Bike riding (miles)         Insanity Max: 30 (calories burned)

10/16: 6.7 miles                       10/16: 244 calories

10/17: 0.73 miles                     10/17: 200 calories

10/18: 5.43 miles                     10/18: 214 calories

10/19: 5.52 miles                     10/19: 178 calories

10/21: 2.02 miles                     10/20: watch was dead


Week 3

Bike riding (miles)         Insanity Max: 30 (calories burned)

10/23: 6.49 miles                      10/23: 218 calories

10/24: 6.93 miles                      10/24: 145 calories

10/25: took a break                  10/25: 387 calories

10/26: 5.16 miles                       10/26: 256 calories

10/27: SICK                                10/27: SICK


On the days that I miss doing my Insanity MAX:30 I will make it up the next time I workout. I will be doing two workouts on Monday since I missed my Friday workout. Sometimes I’ll make it up on Saturday depending on what I am doing that day.

For the past two weeks I haven’t kept up with my weight. I know I haven’t lost much weight or nothing at all. Even though I have been doing my workouts my eating hasn’t been good. I need to get back to macro counting. Counting my macros before I got pregnant helped me lose the weight I wanted. View Full Post

For my birthday I asked for a 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser bike and an Allen Sports 2-child steel bike trailer to pull my kids in. I wanted a bike to have a different way of working out. I also use my bike to take Brooklyn to school in the mornings and pick her up after school.

On Thursday October 5th my bike was dropped off at my house. My husband put my bike together for me. My first ride was on Sunday October 8th after church. I have been out riding for a week now and I’m loving it. The best part is that my sisters bought bikes too and we go riding together. I pull my one year old daughter and my four-year old nephew in the trailer.

I love getting a nice leg workout with riding my bike. My goal is to lose my remaining baby weight. With my second pregnancy I have had a harder time losing this extra weight. With this bike riding journey I want to share with you how many miles I ride and how much weight I lose. Right now I am 33 pounds away from my goal weight. Each week I’ll share how much weight I have lost.

Miles I rode in week 1

10/8/17: 4.92 miles

10/9/17: 6.37 miles

10/10/17: 5.94 miles

10/11/17: 5.35 miles

10/12/17: 6.14 miles


Current weight: 188.6 lbs.

Goal weight: 155 lbs.

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I have been trying to drink a lot more water since I am trying to lose my baby weight. I wanted a stainless steel water bottle that would keep my water cold for a long period of time. I was looking into purchasing a S’well 25 ounce water bottle, but they cost $45.00. I almost purchased one online, but I ending up finding a TAL water bottle at Wal-mart and it only cost $9.97. I bought 2 of bottles so I can have one for the house and one for running errands or going to the gym. At my Wal-mart they had about 8 different color options to pick from. Since this water bottle is cheaper, I would recommend purchasing one.


Update: Walmart’s around my area has these bottles on sale. I have seen them around $8.