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I have been to New York City four times and my trip during Spring Break of March 2015 was the best. My husband and I took our daughter there for her first time. During this trip I was 12 weeks pregnant. Our daughter, Brooklyn, had so much fun except for all the walking we did.

View from our hotel room

First Night in NYC

The first night we got to NYC we went to Time Square. We wanted to show Brooklyn all the lights at night. Her eyes lit up with all the lights, all the people and the Disney store.

1st Day in NYC

Our first full day in NYC we went to Central Park. Brooklyn had so much fun climbing and jumping on the rocks. She had never seen such a big park before. We then took her to the Central Park Zoo. Her favorite part of the zoo were the seals. Before leaving the park we let Brooklyn play at a playground. I loved seeing her face full of happiness and joy. When we left the park we walked into the St. Patrick’s Day parade on 5th Avenue.


2nd Day in NYC

Our second day in NYC we took Brooklyn to see her bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked to the halfway point so Brooklyn could see how beautiful the bridge is. After our walk on the bridge we went to Battery Park. Again we let Brooklyn play at a playground. We then went to the Statue of Liberty. The boat ride was fun and very windy. Brooklyn was amazed on how big the Statue of Liberty was. That evening we went back to Time Square. We wanted to take Brooklyn to the Disney store. She couldn’t believe how big the store was. She had a blast seeing all the toys and the magic mirror.


3rd Day in NYC

On day three we went to the Empire State Building. This was my third time up there, but the view never gets old. I wanted Brooklyn to see all of NYC from high up. Next door to the Empire State Building there was a Build-A-Bear Shop. We got Brooklyn a NYC bear which she named Brooklyn after her. We did a lot of walking and went to different parks so Brooklyn could play. This trip was for Brooklyn to experience NYC as a kid.


Last Day in NYC

On our last day we wanted to take Brooklyn somewhere different and special. She loves to wear make-up especially lipstick. We took her to a place called Bite Beauty Lip Lab. Here we were able to make our own lipstick. We got to make our own color, add scents to it, and pick the container the lipstick goes in. This was a special mommy and daughter time experience. For our last afternoon we went back to the playground in Central Park. Also, that evening it started to snow a little which Brooklyn was so excited about.


Amazing Family Trip

Our trip lasted for 4 days and 4 nights. Brooklyn really loved her trip to New York City. I plan on taking another trip with my family sometime in the future. This time around we will have our other daughter with us and not in my belly.