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Brooklyn finally started her first day of school on September 7th. She was so excited to see her friends and play at recess. I was happy that I was able to walk to class and take her to her desk. Brooklyn really loved her Pretty Disney Princess backpack and lunch tote.

Walking to class.

First Day of School OOTD

The night before we picked out her first day of school outfit. She picked out this Keep Calm And Be A Princess shirt because she likes the back design. Her grandma got her this shirt from Kohl’s for her birthday. The shorts are Cat and Jack from Target. The black leggings are Faded Glory from Wal-Mart. Her high-top shoes are SM New York Sabina from Sears.

Second Day of School OOTD

For Brooklyn’s second day of school I picked out her outfit. She was busy watching a movie before bed lol. Her My Besties Are Wild shirt is from Justice. We got this shirt for a really good deal. Brooklyn is a very small girl so it’s hard to find jeans that fit her well. She has to wear slim size jeans. At JC Penny’s I found a good selection of Arizona slim jeans ( The shoes that she is wearing are low Converse in the burgundy color (

This post may contain affiliate links.

I love watching videos about people showing what’s in their bags on YouTube. On Pinterest I recently started searching this topic. I am enjoying reading peoples blogs about what’s in their bags.

I want to share what’s in my current bag I’m carrying now. Recently I purchased a Rebecca Minkoff Marlow Mini (different color: in the color black. Since this is a smaller bag I don’t have much in it. It holds what is needed everyday when I go out.

List of my items:

1. Coach card holder in grain leather with rainbow
2. Louis Vuitton 6 key holder in Damier Ebene Canvas (
3. Louis Vuitton key pouch in Damier Ebene Canvas
4. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer- Lemongrass with aloe (
5. Victoria Secret- Bombshell perfume
6. iPhone 7 plus- Jet Black
7. EasyAcc charger
8. Charging cord
9. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick- Lipli 20 French Maid (
10. Chap Stick- Sugar Cookie
11. Movie ticket
12. Hair tie

In my bag I am using my Coach card holder as a wallet. There is about 9 cards and some cash. I am surprised on how much this little card holder can hold. I have my car, house and mail box keys in my Louis Vuitton 6 key holder. There is a slot where I can a couple of cards in if I need to. I also have a Louis Vuitton key pouch, but I only have some reward cards in it.

Since I am kind of a germophobe I have to have some hand sanitizer with me. I have the Honest Company hand sanitizer and it’s a spray bottle. Having a spray bottle makes it easier to clean my hands and surfaces that needs some cleaning. Everyday I have to have perfume on and there are days I’ll forget to put some on. That’s why I have this portable Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume in my bag. I need to make sure I smell good every time I leave my house.

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Of course, I have to have my iPhone 7 plus phone in my bag. Sometimes my phone isn’t fully charged so I carry an EasyAcc portable charger. When I’m out running errands I like having a backup charger with me. At TJ Maxx I found this little cord to charge my phone. It’s small to fit perfectly in all my bags I carry.

In my bags I always try to keep one lipstick and chap stick in it. Right now I have a NYX lingerie liquid lipstick. This is a good everyday color for my skin color. I have to have chap stick with me since I tend to get chapped lips. This sugar cookie chap stick is my favorite flavor. I love the way it smells.

There are a couple of random items in my bag at times. There is a movie pass and a hair tie. Normally I keep an extra hair tie on my wrist, but my daughter put this one in my bag. I went to the movies the other day and I had to leave. The manager was able to give me a ticket to come back.

I am planning on writing more blogs like this. Thanks for reading.