Bike Riding Journey #2 and #3

Since getting my 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike for my birthday I have been riding it a lot. I try to go at least five times a week with my sisters. Along with riding my 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike I am also doing Insanity MAX:30. Losing this baby weight has been hard work. I haven’t seen my weight drop much since I have started riding and doing my workout program. I will continue to work hard and not give up.


Screen shot from Snapchat

Screen shot from Snapchat

Week 2

Bike riding (miles)         Insanity Max: 30 (calories burned)

10/16: 6.7 miles                       10/16: 244 calories

10/17: 0.73 miles                     10/17: 200 calories

10/18: 5.43 miles                     10/18: 214 calories

10/19: 5.52 miles                     10/19: 178 calories

10/21: 2.02 miles                     10/20: watch was dead


Week 3

Bike riding (miles)         Insanity Max: 30 (calories burned)

10/23: 6.49 miles                      10/23: 218 calories

10/24: 6.93 miles                      10/24: 145 calories

10/25: took a break                  10/25: 387 calories

10/26: 5.16 miles                       10/26: 256 calories

10/27: SICK                                10/27: SICK


On the days that I miss doing my Insanity MAX:30 I will make it up the next time I workout. I will be doing two workouts on Monday since I missed my Friday workout. Sometimes I’ll make it up on Saturday depending on what I am doing that day.

For the past two weeks I haven’t kept up with my weight. I know I haven’t lost much weight or nothing at all. Even though I have been doing my workouts my eating hasn’t been good. I need to get back to macro counting. Counting my macros before I got pregnant helped me lose the weight I wanted.